Energy Influences of Ray Four – Astrological Signs: Taurus, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Imagination and Creativity

Essence of jasper focuses the fourth ray energies of harmony through conflict. Realise beauty and harmony by unifying opposing forces. Cultivate stamina for ongoing projects through mental and emotional balance and serenity. By inner harmony and unity, the will to harmonise and make peace is evoked and the confidence to express yourself creatively through the power of beauty.

Soul Virtues of the Ray

• love of beauty

• love of colour

• creative living

• strong affections and passions

• high intuition

• sense of drama

• musicality

• artistic impulse

• the ability to make peace

Soul Virtues to be acquired

• mental and emotional balance

• serenity, confidence

• self-control

• purity

• selflessness

• accuracy

• power to express divinity


• courage to speak out and have personal independence

• creativity, harmony

• clear vision, dissolves illusion

• calm mind and emotions, relief from stress

• eases the resolving of conflicts, avoid extremes

• ability to grow through struggle and crisis

• strong affections, fighting spirit


• base centre (and also ajna/brow chakra)

• adrenals

• cerebellum

• physical/etheric organs, systems and structures governed by the chakra

• problems and imbalances of the skeletal system, especially the spine, kidney system, endocrine system (ajna chakra)

Power to Integrate weaknesses of

• anxiety, worry and agitation

• excessive moodiness

• unregulated passions

• self-absorption

• procrastination

• addiction to drama

• impulsiveness

• instability

• exaggeration