Teacher Trainings

with Katia Boustani & Ciara Longman


Level 3


9 X 2 Day Modules and Repeat Level 1 (Lectures Only)

• For those who are seriously committed to their personal development and willing to go all the way to PERMANENT BLISS.
• For those who are humble enough to know that they are everything and nothing.
• For those who are willing to throw all away to go all the way.
• For those who want to lead in Truth, Simplicity and Love.
• For those who would like to be an active part of the GBA team and its development.
• For those who would like to create and teach their own trainings apart from GBA.
• For those who want to EXCEL in Rebirthing Breathwork, Breath Mastery and Mind Mastery.
• For those who are dedicated to spreading the work.



Module 1

with katia & ciara

• 48 hours of Visions Quest and Spiritual Purification with the Elements.
• Silence, Separation, Solitude, Fasting, Working with the Elements.
• Written documentation of activities, thoughts, visions during this Vision Quest
• Optional individual or rebirthing Breathwork session exchange
• Creating a vision board which you can add to throughout your training

Module 2

with Ciara longman

• Acknowledging your dark/ shadow side
• What’s still edging you out of total liberty and surrender to total bliss?
• Going deeper and deeper in your process
• Rebirthing session exchange
• 24 hour “dark room” experience (day 2) Students can do this in their own home, staying in a dark room for a whole day meditating without any distractions.

Module 3

with katia boustani

• Deepening Physical Immortality Consciousness – Breaking the Death Habit
• Rebirthing and healing disease, youthing and longevity practices
• Understanding the processes of Module 1 and 2 and why they are essential to maintaining a healthy state of mind.
• More about each element – meanings, metaphysical significance and implications
• Exercises to heighten your intuition and psychic abilities through SPE
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 4

with ciara longman

• Using energy techniques to scan your clients
• In depth study of Chakras and how they relate to ailments
• Processing techniques – Etheric Plane Communication
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 4

with ciara longman

• Using energy techniques to scan your clients
• In depth study of Chakras and how they relate to ailments
• Processing techniques – Etheric Plane Communication
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 5

with federica ferro

• Prosperity Consciousness – Spiritual Marketing Concepts and Mindset
• Understanding Manifestation – Alignment with passion and purpose
• Overcoming career challenges and practical clientele building
• Leadership Level 2
• Creating successful seminars
• Rebirthing Sessions

Module 6

with katia boustani

• Advanced Rebirthing Breathwork Techniques
• Mirror, Water, Dry, Open Eye, Babies, Children and Teenagers, Nature Breathing
• Understanding Breath Inspections
• Rebirthing Sessions

Module 7

with ciara longman & sifis pagkalanis

• Creating enlightened relationships (Sifis Pagkalinis)
• Advanced Processing/ Mentoring Rebirthing Style (Ciara Longman)
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 8

with sifis pagkalanis & georgi mottram

• Sustainable Practices – Walking the talk (Sifis Pagkalinis)
• Public Speaking and expression through voice – (Georgi Mottram)
• Rebirthing sessions

Module 9

with katia boustani & ciara longman

• Organizing a successful seminar – Step by step instructions
• Creating a healthy community
• Leadership level 2
• Student Presentations
• Rebirthing sessions

Level 4

teachers in practice

Pre-requisites: Applicants have to have put 30 people through 10 sessions and completed all of the other requirements of the previous levels of the BALM training.

Each Teacher in training has to organize, run and co – facilitate a successful seminar for GBA to demonstrate that they have integrated all the teachings of the previous levels. They have to:

• Bring in 10 or more students through successful advertising and networking to a BALM training (OR fee payment and inclusion on another seminar).
• Teach 4 topics during the training with supervision.
• Demonstrate giving a session to a client, to Level 1 & 2 students
• Excel at Facilitating Group Mentoring Sessions and be able to teach technique
• Create their own topic and teach it in relation to Breath and Mind Mastery – as an extra sign up module.
• Oversee supervisors (interns) of student sessions
• Mentor Interns and Advanced Practitioners.

Teachers in Practice are mentored by Katia, Ciara and other GBA teachers and team. They have to demonstrate openness to feedback and willingness to evolve and change throughout the process. Students will be asked to give honest feedback and “rate” the teacher and how much they understood or advanced in direct relation to their exposure to each Teacher in Practice. This feedback is seriously deliberated during the certification process.
Teachers in Practice will be listed on our website. They can remain and teach as part of the GBA team, or go out and create/teach their own trainings.
Only those interested in excelling in Life need apply.