Inner Child Master Training

Our inner child is the part of us that is still a boy or girl. It is our creative guide to the wonder and joy of life. But they also hold on to our past emotional pain because of unmet childhood needs. his technique helps you change your past and create more happy life experiences.


  • You’ll be able to work out what your inner child’s unmet needs are
  • Working with childhood memories in a very different way – this involves not just looking at past events but actually rescuing the child from those experiences.
  • Changing the emotional charge behind certain memories
  • Create new memories in our inner world which create energetic and physiological changes in our bodies
  • If necessary – provide the inner child with new loving parents and the experiences of a safe and nurturing childhood
  • This will help you change your perception of your relationship with certain people in your life

Introduction to Guided Journeying
Learn how to induce a theta brainwave state to allow reprogramming of the Sub-Conscious Mind through practical creative thinking.
Day 1 – Light states of trance/brainwave states to change your sub-conscious mind
Day 2 – Taking a Client in and out of Trance
Day 3 –  Guided Journeying
Day 4 – Clearing Emotional Blocks

Processes for releasing emotional blocks

Day 1 – Feelings and Emotions
Day 2 – Inner Child
Day 3 – Inner Family
Day 4 – Resistance
Day 5 – The Perfect Birth Process