Killaloe Breathing Circle

Breath is Life

Free thyself – letting be, letting go and transforming with the breath.

Bring your own yoga mat, cushion and blanket for comfort. 

Breathing Circle @ Killaloe
Feel greater ease in your life
Let go of mind chatter
Connect with yourself
Come and join me for an afternoon of breathing and a specially prepared Valerian flower essence which is in season. The perfect essence for right now.. DELIGHT
Be open and responsive in the moment, lighten up and have fun. Make time to enjoy the simple joys in life that make you truly happy.
If you’d like to experience the benefits of conscious connected breathing, why not try a group breathe? called a Breathing Circle. The breathwork technique is called rebirthing breathwork or conscious connected breathing because it takes us beyond the basic need of the breath for survival. The technique involves breathing prana (or chi) into our body using a circular breath which then connects mind and body to spirit. Conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to open our heart to love and inner peace, and to fill our bodies with life and health. It helps with a vast array of physical and emotional issues such as unblocking the respiratory system, asthma, sleep issues, anxiety and trauma release. Most importantly it helps you relax and accept yourself for who you are.
The first part of the session involves opening the breathing mechanism and moving through resistances. Then great insights to life situations and connection with the Divine can occur during the last stages of a session after emotional blocks have been released. This is a wonderful way to receive soul guidance.
In the breathing circle you are given an introduction to the breathing technique and invited to lie down, get comfortable and breathe for a minimum of one hour. So bring your own yoga mat for comfort. You can sit on a chair if lying is too uncomfortable. Whilst breathing you are supported by emotive music and you are within a safely held space. As you move through your breathwork experience, all group members are assisted and you are given whatever attention you require in the process. After the breathe voluntary sharing is then welcomed and encouraged. Finally, we’ll have some optional movement and dance.

We have a cuppa afterwards so bring and share some goodies to eat.

Breathing circles with Ciara are popular, so book your place now email:, mob: 083-858-1755

Contact to find out where Ciara will be giving her next breathing circle. Or check out for other circles near you.  

Breathwork is also complemented through sound healing techniques such as gong baths, digeridoos, drumming and tibetan or crystal bowls. These instruments help us relax and reach an altered state of consciousness. When available they are included in a group breathe.

Photo: group sound breathe at the Tara Festival in Co. Galway Ireland 2018