Energy Influences of Ray Five – Astrological signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Lucidity and Inventiveness

The essence of topaz focuses the fifth ray energies of concrete knowledge and science. Access the higher mind and think with clarity. Invoke the will to patience, persistence and wide mindedness and keep all aspects of yourself in balance. Through concentration, observation and practical inventiveness, achieve mastery in a field of knowledge, and the power to realise great plans.

Soul Virtues of the Ray

• focused intellect

• accuracy and precision

• perseverance

• common sense

• practical inventiveness

• the power to create thought forms

Soul Virtues to be acquired

• love

• sympathy

• reverence

• devotion

• broadmindedness


• power to initiate activity, to realise great plans

• power to discriminate, inventiveness, precision, logical analysis

• self-confidence

• truthfulness

• supports the ability to stand back and observe the self


• ajna chakra (also throat and sacral chakras)

• pituitary

• peripheral nerves

• physical/etheric organs, systems and structures governed by the chakra problems and imbalances related to lower brain, eyes, ears, nose, endocrine and nervous systems

Power to Integrate weaknesses of

• narrow-mindedness

• over-critical

• over-analysis

• social awkwardness

• self-limiting boundaries

• lack of imagination

• lack of sensitivity

• lack of love