Energy Influences of Ray Two – Astrological Signs: Gemini, Virgo, Pisces

Clarity and Intuition

Essence of sapphire focuses the second ray energies of love and wisdom. These energies can help you to be calm and clear, and find peace of mind. Purity of thought and an expanded understanding and awareness will lead to illumination, insight and intuition.

Compassion for, and selfless service to others, evokes the power to heal, teach and inspire through love.

Soul Virtues of the Ray

• radiance

• magnetism

• wisdom

• sensitivity to the whole/inclusiveness

• spiritual power

• intuition

• power to heal through love

Soul Virtues to be acquired

• fearlessness

• love

• compassion

• selflessness

• tangible service


• serenity

• joy

• peace

• faith

• equanimity

• strengthened compassion and the sense of community

• expanded understanding and awareness

• love for truth

• purity of mind, mental clarity and perception, astuteness


• heart chakra

• thymus gland

• mid-brain

• physical/etheric organs, systems and structures governed by the chakra

• problems and imbalances related to the heart, blood, circulatory system, vagus nerve

Power to Integrate weaknesses of

• fear

• self-pity

• oversensitivity

• insecurity

• attachment

• coldness and indifference

• indecision