Energy Influences of Ray Three – Astrological Signs: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn

Balance and Communication

The essence of emerald focuses the third ray energies of active, creative intelligence. These energies facilitate accessing the intelligent and intuitive mind that aids you in manifesting your plan. With devotion to concentration, you may attain right understanding and enhanced communication skills. Realise the will to succeed by tolerance, accuracy, creative adaptability and practical, planned activity.

Soul Virtues of the Ray

• sincerity of purpose

• wide views on all abstract questions

• clear intellect

• intuition

• capacity for concentration

• adaptability

Soul Virtues to be acquired

• tolerance

• devotion

• accuracy

• commonsense


• mental illumination

• clear intellect and thinking

• enhanced memory, communication and speech

• seeking and realising objectives, practical efficiency, success in business


• throat chakra (also sacral chakra)

• thyroid

• medulla

• physical/etheric organs, systems and structures governed by the chakra

• problems and imbalances related to the lungs, bronchial and vocal parts, alimentary canal, reproductive organs (sacral chakra)

Power to Integrate weaknesses of

• hyperactivity

• impulsiveness

• verbosity

• insensitivity

• opportunism, selfish manipulation

• vagueness

• confusion

• intellectualism

• criticism, irritation and frustration