Energy Influences of Ray One – Astrological signs: Aries, Leo, Capricorn

Spiritual Alignment

The essence of diamond focuses the first ray energies of will and power. Its purpose may assist to align to the vision and purpose of your higher self, and to attain through concentration of will. With a clear vision of the purpose you can prioritise, set objectives and focus on essentials.

Expansion of the capacity to love develops the virtues of tenderness, compassion, tolerance and fearlessness.


Virtues of the Ray

• dynamic power

• strength in purpose

• courage

• steadfastness

• independence

• truthfulness

Virtues to be acquired

• love

• tenderness

• sympathy

• compassion

• patience

• tolerance

• humility


• clear vision of your purpose

• power to take responsibility

• setting objectives

• illumination and thought amplification

• cleansing effect on the mind

• fearlessness, invincibility

• detach from causes of

irritation and fatigue


• crown chakra

• pineal gland

• cerebrum

• physical/etheric organs, systems and structures governed by the chakra

• problems and imbalances related to the head, upper brain and eye

Power to Integrate weaknesses of

• excessive pride

• arrogance

• wilfulness

• destructiveness

• impatience, control and suppression

• feelings of isolation or being separate from others