We encourage you to look up the qualities of essences and we’ve have created a database of flower essence which includes these popular brands:

  • Aus Bush Flowers
  • Bach
  • Delta Gardens
  • Findhorn Essences
  • Flower Essence Services (FES)

You can browse essences by each brand using the EssenceHub drop down menus.

Or simply use the Search Category function located on the right side of the footer of the home page to search for essences.

This allows you to either search all brands of essences or just an individual brand. For instance you can enter a key word such as ‘trauma’ in the white Text Box then select Aus Bush Flowers from the grey Any Category box.

Each essence listing has Tags which are descriptions and also help when searching using key words. For instance if you want to search for an essence which is good for the first chakra enter Chakra 1.