This short course gives you an introduction to the world of plant vibrational remedies and once you go down the rabbithole you won’t turn back!


  • Demonstrated understanding of the properties and use of vibrational essences
    Competently be able to determine which essences to include in a formula for a client
  • Actively listen to a client and take a course of action
  • Understand the underlying emotional triggers for physical ailments
  • Understand the Chakra system (energy centres) and how essences integrate into this

Integrate Essences Into Your Established Practice

Flower essences are an effective support for clients to continue to use in between sessions. Essences complement your client’s wellness journey. However, the journey begins with you. You will experience an essence formula programme yourself. The essence help us to understand our life situations

Discover Flower Essence Power

Benefits Your Client

Be Supported - use essences yourself! and feel better

Transform With Flower Essences

Pre-requesite to this course

Be a practitioner of a modality for a minimum of 2 years, having met the requirements of your professional registration organisation.

  • You can competently evaluate client needs and coach clients.
  • You can effectively take client case histories


Know Thyself 

The only way to work with essences is to have used them yourself. So this course is designed to work first and foremost on yourself. This allows you to feel the vibrational effects of plant essences so that you understand how to apply them with clients. We will be evaluating a range different life circumstances and traumas which impact clients.

6 drops three times per day is all it takes to create new beginnings

"This course has changed the way I work with clients.."

Maya Palacova, Breathworker, London UK

"I didn't expect the essences would calm me down so easily, they really work!"

Elvi Orr, Breathwork Teacher, Staunton VA USA

"Essences gave me the confidence to move my practice forward. My clients love using them too and look forward to getting their next formula."

Alex Cunningham, Hypnotherapist, Leeds UK

Flower essences are an effective support for clients to continue to use in between sessions and complement your client’s wellness journey

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