Online Session Information

Online Session Requirements:

  • Go to the restroom before your session.

  • Have sufficient pillows for comfort, if you experience lower back ache during the session putting pillows under your legs will help alleviate the ache.

  • Have a throw, blanket or duvet/comforter available if you feel cold during the session, you may need more than one. Your body temperature can change and you may also feel hot

  • Have water available to drink and tissues

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothes

  • Wear light coloured clothes so that your Rebirther can easily see your chest and stomach area to observe breathing deviations.

  • You need find a comfortable place to have sessions lying down on the floor, bed or sofa

  • You need your laptop, tablet, iPad higher than the location where you are lying down so that the camera is pointed at angle looking down towards you

  • The camera needs be positioned to view your head down to your belly

  • You will be directed about the placement of your camera before you start to breathe

  • Do not use a smartphone or iPhone without a supporting structure such as a tripod.

  • Placing the device on a table is useful, or if you have a tripod you can attach the device to it to ensure it doesn’t fall during the session

  • Have a headset with microphone available in case it is difficult to hear you, sometimes your assistant may wish to hear your breathing.

  • You could also use a professional microphone placed near to your head or Lavalier (collar clip) microphone

  • You need to be able to hear your Rebirther clearly particularly if you go into a deep space where you are not completely conscious, some people even fall asleep. So I may shout at you to wake you up.

  • At the end of the session you will be left to integrate and your Rebirther will let you know it is integration time and that they are now leaving.

  • Returning to consciousness after a session can sometimes take time, particularly when you go deep and also after spiritual experiences – leave plenty of “coming back” time before scheduling your next activity.