Essence Session

Plant and gem essences are a powerful way to make changes in your life. Flower Essences are liquid, energetic remedies derived from living flowers. Basically what that means is that they move and shift your vibration. Flower essences contain information which shifts deep-seated beliefs and patterns that have often imprinted in childhood and are still “in charge” into adulthood. They work to bring not only an awareness but also to release patterns from the subconscious to the conscious mind so that healing can occur. Although essences have been used for centuries by many cultures across the world, more recently Dr Edward Bach reintroduced them.

There is no physical matter in flower essences, so if you are allergic to a specific type of flower, you will not have an issue with an essence made from it.

I provide flower essence guidance sessions one on one. We look at your life history and situation and I select which flower essences to start your journey. You take the essence formula every day for a full moon cycle. Each plant or gem essence provides a unique quality and as you take the essence you will find what does not resonate with it will come up to be released. On my journey with taking essences I found initially a lot of sadness came up due to not having a father during my childhood. Then we built on this with another essence to give me the energy of fatherly protection. Everyone has travelled a unique path so the essence formula will be tailored to your needs. The process is ongoing and it is recommended to continue monthly with different formulas for at least 6 months to a year.

When a formula is made for you 3 drops are taken from a stock solution bottle which contains very small amounts of alcohol (three drops from a two ounce bottle which contains one third of alcohol, two thirds water and the essence). If you are completely allergic to alcohol then you will not be able to take essences. Seek advice from your doctor if you are allergic to alcohol.

The session does not need to be in person. We can meet over Zoom/Skype and I’ll post you the essence formula.

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Essence session plus formula sent to you £60