Breathing Circle

If you’d like to experience the breath why not try a group breathe? called a Breathing Circle. Similar to the process of an individual breathwork session, as a participant you are given an introduction to the breathing technique and invited to lie down, get comfortable and breathe. Whilst breathing you are supported by emotive music. As you move through your Breathwork experience, all group members are assisted and you are given whatever attention you require in the process. Some people love group work but it’s not for everyone. After the breathe voluntary sharing is then welcomed and encouraged. Finally we’ll have some movement and dance.

Contact to find out where Ciara will be giving her next breathing circle. Or check out for other circles near you.  

Breathwork is complemented through sound healing techniques such as gong baths, digeridoos, drumming and tibetan or crystal bowls. These instruments help us relax and reach an altered state of consciousness. When available they are included in a group breathe.

Photo: group sound breathe at the Tara Festival in Co. Galway