Breathwork Session

Through connected breathing, unresolved emotional experiences, forgotten memories, buried feelings, energy blockages, belief systems and unconscious attitudes surface. So when experiencing connected breathing a person may feel sensations in their body either uncomfortable or enjoyable. Connected breathing helps us move through any difficulties we may have experienced at birth and other traumatic events in our lifetime. As the breath and energy in the breath moves through the body any areas with emotional energetic blocks are released if you feel safe enough and are ready to release it. When we feel safe enough we can also allow ourselves to feel suppressed emotions energetically to then let go of the stuckness. This may involve simply breathing through any uncomfortable sensations or if needed examining the wounds of our past and again breathing through them.

Our first session is longer because I will need to ask you questions about your life history and select appropriate essences to support you through your journey. Individual Essence Breathwork sessions can last between one and three hours. The initial sessions generally deal with resistances and defences we may have built up to protect ourselves.

These include:

  • Mind chatter;
  • Pausing between breaths;
  • Anaesthetic – if that is still energetically in your system; or
  • Tetany, which is a medical term when fingers becoming locked and painful, this is an indication of holding on to deep fear.

It is necessary to have an experienced practitioner guide you through these resistances because you can breathe through them.

This type of breathwork is also called conscious breathing because it goes beyond the basic need of the breath for survival. The breath connects spirit, mind, and body; connects the conscious and the subconscious. Conscious breathing is one of the quickest ways to open our hearts to love and inner peace, and to fill our bodies with life and health. Great insights to life situations and connection with the Divine can occur during the last stages of a session after emotional blocks have been released.

A session lasts between 1 and 3 hours and the aim is to continue circular breathing for this period of time. You will be lying down in a comfortable position, have a blanket available because your body temperature can change either getting hotter or cooler.

Your first 10 breathwork sessions must be in person. If you cannot come in person then I recommend an Essence Session

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20 Connected Breaths

A simple and effective way of improving life situations as they arise or simply taking time out is learning the 20 connected breaths practice. This involves taking 20 breaths, connecting the inhale to the exhale and then the exhale to the inhale. Take a deep inhale breathing into and expanding your chest and belly.

Take four short breaths then one long breath which is one cycle and repeat this three more times.

Twenty breaths equals:
1. Four short breaths, one long breath
2. Four short breaths, one long breath
3. Four short breaths, one long breath
4. Four short breaths, one long breath

When used regularly, this breath can help you develop the skill of relaxation, even in challenging situations. Take time out for instance if you’re at work or you’re feeling anxious, short of breath and do the 20 connected breaths.