I got to a point in my life where I felt like I was just existing, commuting and going to work just didn’t have any meaning. I thought I enjoyed what I did, but the truth was I liked it but I wasn’t passionate about that work and I felt empty inside.

After dabbling in personal development and spirituality for many years I decided to quit my permanent job and work on myself. I allowed myself to feel everything I had suppressed – and this work still continues. This journey took me through many different techniques and I found that Alchemical Hypnotherapy and Rebirthing Breathwork with the addition of using Plant Essences really accelerated immense changes in my life.

I love connecting with people and assisting them through these processes and witness shifts and changes happen – nothing gives me more joy.

I’ve always loved dancing but hadn’t done much for many years. So it was a pleasant surprise being given the Sanskrit name Nrityani which means Cosmic Dancer.  I love to include freestyle dancing in my group sessions.