Pepper Tree GW

Pepper Tree, the fiery energetics of this tree bring love, joy, beauty and bliss. She reminds you of the innocence of your childhood which is connected to your wild Self. She brings life back. Purchase Pepper Essence Here

Olive GW

Olive helps to embody your King essence that is within (whether man or woman). The Olive Tree supports you to claim wise counsel of wisdom that lives inside of you so that you can access all of the qualities of a great King. Purchase Olive Essence Here

Magnolia GW

Magnolia is used for connecting to your spiritual path. This tree and her flowers work to awaken and activate your personal path to the Great Mystery and Source. And of course, this can be so powerful when/if there has been any spiritual betrayal by a group or...

Horse Chestnut GW

Horse Chestnut tree and her big beautiful flowers anchor in deep codes of inner knowing. It supports the unfolding of who you are, free from the past and past mistakes and into the full blooming of who you are. Purchase Horse Chestnut Essence Here

Hawthorne GW

Hawthorne provides generous protection of the heart. This tree essence can be used in situations where you are uncomfortable, where your heart guard has come up, where you are interacting with anyone who is attacking or confrontation. Hawthorne provides a sealing to...

Fig Tree GW

Fig Tree essence is powerful for many aspects of your mystical healing and reclamation. It is an essence that can be used to find out information about past lives. And it is incredible for bringing forth Truth of any circumstance that has been cloaked in societal and...