For breaking down and moving out old patterns that have attached to the personality; for working with obsessions and clearing psychic toxins from the energy field. Cleans 3rd chakra then moves down to the 2nd chakra helping to release toxic emotions....

Wood Betony

Helps clarify deeper meanings of relationship, friendship and sexuality; for those who prefer to be alone but are working on authentic ways to connect with others. Stimulation of the 7th chakra which helps uplift the frequency of the lower chakras....

Water Lily

For those who attract drama; for over reliance on acting out extreme emotional states for control; for emotional ease. Works with 2nd chakra emotions producing self-esteem which pulls up into the 3rd chakra. https://deltagardens.com/collections


For imbalances in giving and receiving; heals energy leaks in the chakra system and helps us hold and maintain our energy; for emotional pain that causes energy depletion. https://deltagardens.com/collections