Skuttellaria laterifolia Kundalini that flows upwards from the root chakra to crown chakra, there is an energy that flows downward from the crown chakra to the base chakra. This energy flows from the spiritual realm and allows us to manifest our unique life purpose....


Provides angelic relief to deep worry and anxiety; steadies the high-strung or overexcited psyche; helps balance cycles of work, play and rest.


Helps those who wish to change but cannot; helps the transformation of ingrained, lifelong beliefs that no longer serve us; eases the hardening of fear that clings to untenable ideas and positions.


Helps lighten those who are very serious; assists those who are recovering the ability to express joy and playfulness; good for children who are high achievers.


For developing insight and understanding of issues we are struggling with; deepens spiritual awareness; helps spiritually-minded people with balance and integrity.

Echinacea DG

Echinacea purpurea Useful in therapy when there are deep inner conflicts or when we are ready to integrate diverse aspects of the personality; speeds the resolution of conflicts by keeping all issues conscious; prevents the suppression of conflict or the splitting of...