Mystical Limerick

The County of Limerick has an abundance of intriguing places to visit covering different eras. 

Journey back 6,000 years to the ancient site at Lough Gur

This ancient ceremonial landscape and home to Ireland’s largest stone circle. In fact the two surviving stone circles were both enclosed by another larger stone circle. When you’re there just imagine what it must have been like. The sites are associated with gods Lugh and Áine.

Many other ancient sites surround the horseshoe shaped lough including a Medieval castle, Neolithic dwellings, hillfort, crannóg, tree trail and a wedge tomb. 

Retread the footsteps of the Templars

We explore a magnificent medieval ruined castle immortalised by U2. Set on a volcanic peak this castle commands stunning views over the Shannon estuary. Some say it is romantic others say it is eerie but it really must have been splendid before it was destroyed by the English after the seige of Limerick in 1691. The first structures on the site housed the Templars so no doubt hidden somewhere are secret tunnels and perhaps initiation sites.

Glenstal Abbey

If you like walled gardens, this is right up your alley. Glenstal has beautiful gardens and then there’s more.. the Russo-Byzantine chapel houses a collection of ancient icons.

Bathe in the exquisite energy of a special ring fort

Technically this is just over the border in Tipperary but should not be missed! Some places are simply wonderful to simply just experience, sit and spend time in. We walk to the first ring fort which alothough the smaller is still impressive. Then onto the larger ring fort, over the earth ramparts into a magical wood. The path takes us past a lough and to a high mound where we will spend time. There really is something special about this particular ringfort.

This ancient apple tree is like a cubby hole and beckons you to sit with it.

The fairy tree that split a stone in half. Come and see it at Loch Gur and feel the feminine energy of the stone circle.

Immortalised on a U2 rear album cover! 

Take some time and connect with yourself

Feel free to let your creativity flow, we can sing, dance, bring an instrument or simply sit, breathe and take it all in. This journey is about connection and of course having a bit of craic!

Coming Soon - the Conscious Guide to the Healing Hills of Clare

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