Essences for Practitioners

If you are already practicing a modality in the Healing Arts this course is designed to introduce you to the world of vibrational essences and how they can assist on the client journey.

Flower essences are an effective support for clients to continue to use in between sessions. Essences complement your client’s wellness journey. However, the journey begins with you and so you will experience an essence formula programme yourself so you will be prescribed monthly formulas for 4 months. Essences work by bringing to our attention qualities which are not in alignment with the beneficial qualities of the plant or gem essence we are taking. We may feel this emotionally or realisations about life situations are revealed.

If you are trained in a modality which looks at the underlying issues to a presenting issue then – this course is for you. You’ll need to coach clients to discuss what they have been experiencing and realisations they have made.

The course will cover:

  • How essences work
  • Power versus Force – the Scale of Consciousness
  • Energy Systems
  • Chakras
  • Client Needs Assessment
  • Acute and Chronic Trauma acute and chroni
  • Making up a Formula
  • Essences for Stability and Protection
  • Working through the chakras
  • Essences for Birth Trauma
  • Clients Who Don’t Respond
  • Professional Requirements
  • Data Protection