Core Modules

Essences and Breathwork

Introduction to Essences

This module covers:

  • A history of essences;
  • Understand the fundamentals about essences;
  • How to use them;
  • Review a range of your locally accessible essences;
  • Form and structure of flowers;
  • Understanding the chakra system;
  • Imbalances and issues related to chakras;
  • Client needs assessment; and
  • Understanding how life circumstances have led to the presenting issue.


Essence Journey

This is a practical module which will continue after the course. You will be the client and mentored, an essence formula is selected for you for one month. For three more months you select formulas in agreement with your mentor. Your journey and experiences over the 4 months is documented and assessed.


Essence Breathwork Case Studies

You will need to take a male client through 10 sessions and a female client through 10 sessions. The sessions are documented and then assessed.


Tuning in to Core Issues

You have learnt the theory so now we really need to understand what is going on in a client’s life. A lot of information is provided in the intake form, but what aren’t they saying? What is going on in their unconscious?


The importance of working with intuition and being clear on the difference between intuition and projection. This is a practical module where we learn to work intuitively using practical exercises including scanning the chakras.


Introduction to Breathwork

Learn how to use conscious connected breathing as a tool to purify stuck energy in your body and access higher states of consciousness.


10.00am breathing exercises & affirmations

10.30am seminar

12.00am -1pm lunch

1pm first breathe

3.00pm second breathe

6pm evening seminar

7pm finish

Day 1 – The Breath, Types of Breath, Spiritual Purification, Intuition, Demonstration

Day 2 – Personal Law

Day 3 – Resistance, Demonstration, Guiding a Session, Building Rapport, Holding Space

Day 4 – Birth Trauma 1

Day 5 – Birth Trauma 2

Day 6 – Physical & Emotional Pain as a Gift and Taking Responsibility

Day 7 – The Unconscious – Projection, Shadow, Mirroring

Day 8 – Energy Cycle

Evening Seminars include:

Human Trauma (two 1 hour seminars)

Unconscious Death Urge

Physical Immortality

Inner Child

Past Lives

Clientele Building

The Money Seminar

Self-Love Seminar

Weight Seminar

The Money Seminar

We go through life circumstances which have led to blocking creating abundance in your life. This seminar will stir up a lot ‘inside’. Then we have fun getting our creative juices flowing. Every time you do it new light bulbs will go off and you’ll wonder why didn’t I get that before? Once you have done the seminar you have full permission to facilitate it yourself.

Day 1 – The Breath, Exercises, Types of Breath, Intuition, Demonstration

Understand how conscious connected breathing works and breathing energy as well as air. You will learn about spiritual purification with the elements air, water, fire and earth and how to integrate these into your life. Developing intuition is a crucial component of becoming a competent breathworker. You will experience excercises to develop intuition.

Day 2 – Resistance, Demonstration – Guiding a Session, Building Rapport, Holding Space

A client will not open up to release blocked energy or emotions until they feel safe. The ego-mind protects us until we feel comfortable and safe. You will be shown how to observe, what to look for in the client’s breathing and body movements and how to build rapport. Holding space so that the client can allow themselves to experience what they need to and simply let go.

Day 3 – Personal Law

We go through a process of uncovering our most negative thought which may continually play out in our lives. The personal law is simply the thought that controls your mind and your life more than any other thought. Finding that thought is the most valuable knowledge that you can have about yourself. It is like the leverage on personal change. The mind wants to avoid having it revealed. It is more than a concept because it is also a bodily experience.

Days 4 & 5 – Birth Trauma

Birth is the first experience we have outside of the womb and the way we are born influences our life and how we interpret reality to how we react to the world and develop relationships with people. Many of the deep beliefs and fears that each of us carries can be traced back to what happened to us during our birth and how, as babies, we interpreted the experience. The different types of birth trauma and even what is considered a normal birth are reviewed.

Day 6 – Physical & Emotional Pain as a Gift and Taking Responsibility

180 exercise.

We call in wounds for our growth and development learn about the benefits we gain from emotional and physical pain we have attracted in this life. For instance, if I grew up feeling abandonned by my mother and I don’t deal with that. I will create, attract and draw in experiences into my life to get me to face my abandonment wound. So I will continually get abandonned by people until I take responsibility for it and heal it.

Day 7 – The Unconscious – Our Shadow, Projection, Mirroring

Carl Jung’s work on the unconscious helps us to understand our close relationships and the rebirther/rebirthee relationship. Our shadow is anything and everything that we reject, deny, disdain, fear, hate, recoil from, and just want it very much to go away and leave us alone. Most of us are familiar with the two selves we usually have in play in our interactions: one is our authentic soul self, then there is the public part of us that we lead with. There is a third “self” in play that we have no control over, and that is the other person’s projection of us, our mirror. Surrender to the mirror or keep your mask on and ignore it.

Day 8 – Energy Cycle

Breathing energy cycles can take us into pain, dissolve it and bring us into peace – even bliss. Then, after we have mastered the ability to breathe energy as well as air, we can breathe ourselves into peace again. Each energy cycle session is a spiritual purification experience in which our mind and body is cleaned, balanced and renewed by Spirit. The whole point of the energy cycle is to let go and allow the air to breathe us.

Unconscious Death Urge

The unconscious death urge is caused by two basic sources. One is the belief system that death is inevitable and beyond our control. This belief is taught by parents to children generation after generation along with numerous corollaries of self sabotaging thoughts that sabotage our natural divinity. The other is what I call emotional energy pollution.

Human Trauma

Rebirthing is all about uncovering and releasing the charge from human trauma. The 15 Biggies of Human Trauma, which are birth trauma, parental disapproval syndrome, personal lie & specific negatives, school trauma, past life karma, the unconscious death urge, religion trauma, senility, repression of the feminine, world savior syndrome and physical abuse & sexual abuse trauma.

Spiritual Purification

We learn about emotional energy pollution of the body and why spiritual purification with the elements earth, air, water and fire are so important to cleaning our energy body.