Advanced Modules

Deepen your experience

Warm Water Breathwork

1 or 2 Day workshop. We go to a hot springs or use hot tubs to experience warm water breathwork which involves returning to experiences in the womb whilst breathing in warm water. Bring your own snorkel and nose clip or mask.


Cold Water Breathwork

1 Day 1 day workshop. We go to a cool water lake, stream or use the bath tub to experience Cold Water Breathwork which involves confronting your greatest fears and death urge whilst breathing in water which is below body temperature. Bring your own snorkel and nose clip or mask.


Letting Go – Letting Be

A feeling is simply just energy which we feel in the body, and something which we can’t really categorise. When we have an uncomfortable feeling we attach thoughts to it and are taught to suppress it. It is actually the energy in our body which feels uncomfortable if we don’t let it run its course it gets stuck. Letting Go involves the transformational process of fully feeling, surrendering to and accepting uncomfortable energy/feelings in your body, allowing it to simply be, allowing the feeling to come to fruition and then gradually letting it go. We eventually come to an understanding that it’s ok to have these feelings but they don’t need to rule us.

Day 1 – Client Trust and Permission to Feel. Apathy, Grief, Fear, Desire

Day 2 – Anger, Pride, Courage, Acceptance


The Mother Wound

2 day workshop. The mother wound is the pain of being a woman passed down from generation to generation of women. It includes different types of coping mechanisms that are used to process that pain. Our mother’s fears are imprinted into us and the cycle continues. We review the mechanisms and practical work involves releasing the imprinting.


Fatherless Daughters

Are you continually seeking approval from men? are you scared of losing the men in your life?You have difficulty understanding men?

In this course we will be working on and resolving the issues women experience when their father hasn’t been present during childhood.

This could simply be:

  • because dad was not present because he was working a lot,
  • perhaps you didn’t even know your dad and didn’t have any father role models
  • dad’s behaviour was less than appropriate.

Dads provide safety. This course isn’t about blame it’s about understanding the strategies you developed to cope with these situations and how you can bring in the energy of a present, fun, protective father into your life.


Alchemical Tarot

Alchemical Tarot is a fun way to do card readings and what’s better is that anyone can do it! You become the card.

This 2 hour practical workshop offers you an opportunity to explore your question or life issues by working with your own psyche, there is an old saying ‘as above, so below, as within, so without’ and as this is an Alchemical process you will experience this. The answers are within you. During the reading session, the cards will act as the outer representation of your inner world. Alchemical tarot uses the wisdom of the cards with an interactive trance process, enabling you to connect and communicate with archetypal energies and explore sub-personalities. Bring a deck of tarot cards with you – in which ALL of the cards have pictures!


Pranic Breathing

One hour experiential workshop. Learn Pranic Breathing and feel your body become energised. The final breath involves entering a peaceful state of breathlessness.


Healing with the Stars

Astrology and working with clients: understand how different planets and asteroids affect us emotionally, our life lessons and our greatest wound in this lifetime. Sun, Moon, North/South Nodes, Chiron.This is particularly useful for therapists when working with clients to better understand what their life lessons and deepest wound is in this lifetime.


The Money Seminar

We go through life circumstances which have led to blocking creating abundance in your life. This seminar will stir up a lot ‘inside’. Then we have fun getting our creative juices flowing. Every time you do it new light bulbs will go off and you’ll wonder why didn’t I get that before? Once you have done the seminar you have full permission to facilitate it yourself.


Introduction to Guided Journeying

Learn how to induce a theta brainwave state to allow reprogramming of the sub-conscious mind through practical creative thinking.

Day 1 – Taking a Client in and out of Trance

Day 2 – Writing Scripts, Record a Guided Journey

Day 3 – Resistance

Day 4 (Optional) – Using Sound to Induce Trance – Drumming and Sound Healing

Our life is determined 5% of the time by the conscious mind and 95% of the time by the subconscious mind. So if you want to change something in your life an effective tool is to reprogramme your subconscious mind. You will learn how take a client in and out of trance and write an empowering script. Techniques for dealing with conscious mind resistance will be taught.


Clearing Emotional Blocks

Processes for releasing emotional blocks

Day 1 – Feelings and Emotions, Validate Emotions, Etheric Plane Communication

Day 2 – Inner Child

Day 3 – Inner Family

Day 4 – Ideal Birth Process

Day 1 – Feelings and Emotions, Validate Emotions, Etheric Plane Communication

We explore the scale of hidden feelings and emotions resulting from difficult, painful and traumatic experiences and how they become inappropriate. We learn how to communicate using the etheric plane.


Day 2 & 3 – Inner Child and Inner Family

To uncover the source of our pain founded on unmet childhood needs.

Through this process we explore long forgotten early childhood memories for the source of a wounding experience that continues to impact the adult subconsciously through feelings such as repressed rage or abandonment. The Inner Child Rescue Mission not only allows you to re-experience the emotions but also engages you actively with the memory of the event itself. The child within is brought back to the present in order to properly meet its needs and as an adult help and nurture the child in the process. The process is completed by


Day 4 – Ideal Birth Process

Events which occurred at our birth impact our emotional life, whether it be a fast birth or a cord around the baby’s neck. When a client has bonded with Inner Parents who meet the child’s needs fully then we learn how to creatively take them through ideal birth using the imagination of the subconscious mind.


Advanced Clearing Emotional Blocks

Day 5 – Past Lives

Day 6 – Life Between Lives and Future Lives

Day 7 – Transgenerational Wounds

Days 8-9 Sub-Personality Theory