Moneses uniflora


Wintergreen keeps its head bowed low and out of view until mature. It is reputed to be edible, high in vitamin C and in recent years was discovered to contain a new antibiotic.

‘Dark night of the soul’ is a metaphor used to describe a phase in a person’s spiritual life marked by a sense of loneliness and despair. As darkness pervades the psyche, we become a witness to the shadow side of our personality. Seeing this shadow, we encounter powerlessness in the face of our deep suffering. In times of inner and outer darkness we can feel utterly alone, even when surrounded by others. It is the loneliness while surrounded by those who seek to understand and help which reinforces the darkness.

Yet, this experience of loneliness, of feeling bereft of support and protection, becomes an opportunity. Only in the stress of challenging circumstances can the full power of the soul be evoked. Wintergreen flower essence initiates the awakening or expansion

of consciousness that invokes support from the soul. We call in our higher power to persevere, no matter how disinclined we are to do so, and no matter how extreme the inner turmoil. Pain opens the heart to love and understanding. Surrendering to receive love and guidance from the soul opens the heart to love and support from others.

Our search for meaning in the world is based on achieving a clear sense of personal identity. ‘Dark night of the soul’ therefore symbolises the dissolution of this sense of separate identity. From the unity of personal self and true self, meaning and purpose become clear. It is the reward for action and effort that leads you out of darkness and into the light.

Mobilise the spiritual will.

Dispel darkness and stand in the light of the self. Open to love and support.


Maintain your conscious connection no matter what

Remain mindful in the face of inevitable trial and tribulation

Open to receive love and attract support from others

Trust and follow your conscience and guidance

Stay positive with patient, optimistic expectancy

Uncomplaining acceptance, endurance and perseverance


Trauma leading to a period of great despair

The desolation of loneliness

Fear of collapse or breakdown

Feeling of standing alone against seemingly insurmountable odds

‘Dark night of the soul’

Spiritual crisis or emergency

Affirmation: I gladly embrace all the challenges life brings. I am positive in myself.

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