Chamaenerion angustifolium

Self Mastery

Willowherb is a prolific herb with medicinal benefits. It is a pioneer species as its seeds are first to colonise an area after a fire. In plant symbolism it is associated with pretentiousness. This plant exemplifies determination and tenacity. It has a passionate and fiery quality with a tendency to ‘throw caution to the wind’. When faced with situations that upset your emotional and mental balance, you can speak out or act without due consideration or thought as to the costs or consequences, and the power of your emotions may be unhelpful or even harmful. Loss of control is a feature in episodes of imprudent emotional release. When you feel out of control and act out impulsively, you may live to regret your actions.

Negative emotional reactions to stressful events are natural and human and, to some degree, inevitable. Willowherb flower essence helps to calm your emotional body through awareness and conscious mindfulness. You may not be able to eliminate adverse emotional reactions but you can change your response to your emotions through knowing you have control of your feelings, much like you have control over other choices you make in your life.

True self-control can prevail through the right use of the will to regulate your emotions and behaviour in your aspiration for equanimity. By tempering the force of your personality with true power from your higher self, instead of reacting to your thoughts or feelings, your actions are governed by thoughtfulness, wisdom and goodwill. By taking the stance of the detached observer, you stay mindful and watchful and remain cool, calm and composed, even under provocation.

Harness your fiery, passionate nature through mindfulness and the right use of will and power.


Adept use of will and power

Channel your fiery energies to good ends

Self-mastery of inner driving impulses

Cool, calm and composed even under provocation

Taking responsibility for, and owning, your emotional reactions

Balanced state of mind realised by the absence of strong attachments


Impulsive, irrepressible rush of emotion

Moods that restrict self-monitoring capacity and objectivity

Difficulty keeping powerful emotions in check

Easily provoked, excitable passions

Emotions controlling you rather than you controlling them

Negative impact of speech or action without thinking

Affirmation: I master my personality and power. I bring humility and right use of will into all areas of my life.

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