Viola tricolor


Wild pansy, also commonly known as ‘heartsease’, has a long history of use in herbal medicine. The flower represents memories, loving thoughts,  togetherness and union. It is a plant of power that can heal the heart and illuminate the mind so that peace and clarity may prevail.

Fear blocks love and without love you cannot truly thrive. Fear disconnects you from the loving being that is your true nature. Love is the energy that fuels your life and if its flow is obstructed it is similar to the lifeblood flowing through the veins being obstructed. All manner of unsettling thoughts, sensations and emotions may then arise such as anxiety, fear, panic and disorientation.

Wild pansy’s radiating energies bring love and warmth into the heart. Opening up and being receptive to the flow of life force or prana clears resistance to the energy of love rhythmically streaming forth, restoring body and mind harmony.

Interconnection and flow of energy from the heart to the head is firmly established, so that the head chakra is vivified and becomes clear. This flower essence gives the sense of stability, and the feeling of safety from which you can open your heart, and feel your emotions.

Clear the pathways to the free flow of life energies from the heart.


Open to receive and radiate the energy of love

Strengthen sense of self and experience true connection

Flowing of life force and prana re-establishes rhythm and stability

Command of emotions and thoughts, especially when under stress

Presence of mind; composure

Clarity strengthening thought and mental processes


Not feeling connected to yourself due to the anxiety in your system

Loss of mental coherence and clarity, confusion

Anxiety can trigger dizziness and lack of concentration

Panic when you feel threatened; unable to manage your fear

Delay between thought and experience can create sensation of unreality

Dissipated or constricted energy flow between the heart and head centres

Affirmation: My mind and my heart are open. I radiate light and love.

Cross Reference

Anxiety Ι Attention Ι Blocks Ι Calm Ι Clarity Ι Concentration Ι Confusion Ι Delusion Ι Energy

Fear Ι Insecurity Ι Life Force Ι Nervousness Ι Openness Ι Panic Ι Receptivity Ι Resistance

Restlessness Ι Separation Ι Tension Ι Worry