Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum


Watercress has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries. The Greeks and Romans thought it improved the brain. Stimulating and restorative, it is known to revitalise the body by cleansing the blood of impurities.

A cause of predisposition to illness can be karmic energetic patterns manifesting as chronic tendencies. Recent research suggests that these tendencies might derive their power through the memory of water. Unconscious psychological constructs and belief systems that become ‘stuck’ cause emotional and mental congestion that foments friction in the subtle bodies. For example, you can inherit or acquire fears, complexes and phobias that underpin your thoughts and attitudes and undermine emotional health and wellbeing. Inherent, dormant issues can then present themselves when your defences are down due to the derangement of the vital life force.

Watercress flower essence facilitates a cleansing process that aids the release of stagnant energies in the subtle bodies so that your energies are free to flow ‘like a river’. As you come into harmony with your true self and homeostasis is restored, the emotions are calmed and you can find peace of mind.

Hidden aspects of the self, lost in the unconscious, can be retrieved and redeemed with self-awareness. Watercress’ cleansing energy enables the mind to reflect its purity through the clarity of thought. This can manifest as spontaneous insights or the shining forth of the intuition guiding your expression and inspiration through right speech, creative intelligence and discrimination.

Clear stagnant energies and sound a vibrational note of purity. Transform your thoughts and emotions and reveal the true you.


Cleanse and clear stagnant energies

Stimulate and strengthen inner defences

Cool down, remain calm, and stay collected

Take the edge off your emotional reactions

A clear and tranquil mind

Creating positive intentions


Being aware of energetic patterns of underlying chronic tendencies

Stagnant energies and deviation of the vital life force

Friction that leads to irritation in the subtle bodies

Strong moods put you on the defensive

Negative emotional reactions that present when your defences are down

Irritable, bad tempered

Affirmation: I cleanse my body and reflect the purity of my soul.

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