Valeriana officinalis


Valerian is known for its relaxing effect on body and mind. The World Health Organization recognises the use of valerian as a nerve relaxant. In the language of flowers it is attributed with ‘an accommodating disposition’.

Some people find it hard to slow down and just be. In this fast-paced culture, it’s easy to get caught up in entrenched habits and routines, where even leisure times can seem as if they are filled with endless activities. Being too ingrained in your habitual lifestyle, doing several activities at the same time, rushing and striving to get the next task completed, all create stress. Stress is inherent in living but you cannot allow stress to stand between you and the joys of life.

Valerian flower essence helps you to stay grounded and to focus your attention in the present. Being grounded means being fully present, physically, emotionally and mentally. One of the main benefits of living in the present moment is an improved ability to concentrate – your mind does not wander, you do not dwell on the past nor worry about the future.

Many of life’s pleasures have to be enjoyed in the moment. There are opportunities to experience joy every day, if you open your heart to take a moment to find the joy in living. Be aware of the times when you get caught up in the buzz. Slow down, then stop and smell the flowers.

Be open and responsive in the moment, lighten up and have fun. Make time to enjoy the simple joys in life that bring you true happiness.


Stay focused, get more done and find more time so that you can live in the moment

Get your busy mind to slow down

Lighten up and have more fun

Enjoy life as it comes by being “in the now”

Tackle your problems with a sense of humour

Attain greater rhythm and balance in work and play


Tension in mind and body from hurry and worry

Not taking the time to really enjoy work or play

Being too ingrained in routines, with a general lack of joy

Self-torment, that if you don’t keep on going you’ll run out of steam

Restless, overactive and anxious mind disturbs sleeping patterns

Excessively worried about schedules and taking on too much

Affirmation: I delight in the happiness of living and I walk my spiritual path with lightness and humour.

Cross Reference

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