Cirsium vulgare


Thistle is the national emblem of Scotland and an ancient Celtic symbol representing nobility of character. This mighty plant’s wild spirit is a symbol of bravery, endurance and loyalty.

Acute stress, whether from internal or external circumstances, can trigger the body’s ‘fight or flight’ response, a genetic wisdom designed to protect us from harm.

When this automatic response is activated, the rational mind is disengaged and thinking becomes distorted. With the perceived threat of danger, the heart chakra closes down as fear arises. Real danger to physical survival aside, the fight or flight response is also triggered by our everyday modern world stresses, precipitating behavioural responses that can be self-defeating and work against your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Thistle flower essence can help to give you the courage to cope with a crisis.

Courage is not the absence of fear but the power to triumph over fear. This essence helps to access inner strength and willpower, to remain calm and think clearly in any emergency, and to harness the willpower to respond with positive, intelligent action.

Find inner strength and courage and let go of the fear.

Stay in command and act with confidence and certainty.


Courage and conviction of action

Willpower to overcome adversity

Think clearly in an emergency

Strength and force in the heart

State of calm awareness and grounding

Sense of inner security and strength


Fear that brings you to a standstill

Excessive over-reaction to perceived threats; panic

Feeling powerless and vulnerable

Over-reaction to events that are not life threatening

Post-traumatic stress

Invasive thoughts and fears inhibit performance

Affirmation: I have the courage and strength to stand in my truth.

I bring confidence and certainty into all my actions.

Cross Reference

Action Ι Anxiety Ι Assertiveness Ι Calm Ι Confidence Ι Courage Ι Crisis Ι Emergency

Empowerment Ι Endurance Ι Fear Ι Grounding Ι Insecurity Ι Panic Ι Power Ι Protection

Shock Ι Strength Ι Stress Ι Trauma Ι Vulnerability Ι Will