Exaltation was made at one Gemini full moon meditation in Universal Hall, Findhorn. We had been asked to bring a flower to the meditation, which was led by Eileen Caddy. As we gave our flower offering, we sent out a prayer and spoke a blessing into the world.

Flowers of gorse, broom, red poppy, yellow poppy, clover, red campion, white campion, rowan, rose, wild carrot, catmint, chives, wild ox-eyed daisy, japanese quince, honesty, brassica, lady’s mantle, aquilegia, wild borage, vetch, wallflower, viper’s bugloss, wild pansy, bluebell, grasses and the ‘ten thousand things’ of blessings were so beautiful, floating in the large, pentagonal-shaped copper bowl. This essence was of its own creation.

The energies that can be distributed at the Gemini festival are the special energies received at Wesak. Wisdom is expressed through light and love.

Exaltation essence works at the level of the 6th ajna or brow chakra. Soul or universal love energies work through the ‘third eye’, through the ajna, and coordinates all the other centres in unison to bring forth the spiritual will.

It blends the energies of ajna, heart and crown chakras and manifests as the spirit of goodwill expressed through the heart and mind.

Spiritual insight gained through the intuition, pure reason and comprehension of ideas can then be expressed through the formulation of ideals. When illumined by purity of motive and loving purpose, the energies of love and wisdom work out in true spiritual activity on the physical plane.