Guidelines for Essence Use

First of all if it’s convenient, relax, get comfortable and lie down or sit first of all.

Shake the essence bottle. Flower and vibrational essences are taken by mouth, which means taking the essence bottle dropper and placing a few drops under the tongue or in a small glass of water.

For the optimum effect take 3 or drops, 3 or 4 times per day over a full calendar month or moon cycle.

After you’ve taken the essence take long and deep breaths inhaling and exhaling through your nose. You may feel tingling or a light sensation in your body, it may be in one place or it may move, this is perfectly fine.

If you have a day to yourself when you’re not working, not caretaking anyone and without disturbances – so that you have the privacy to experience the energy repatterning of the essences fully. Or you may wish to experience the essences more intensely – take 1 drop per hour for up to a 10 hour period. The key to this is taking small doses more regularly.

Alternatively put 10-12 drops into a large glass bottle of spring water and sip continually throughout the day.

The way essences work is that what does not resonate with the qualities of the plant come up to be released. It is possible that it may take a week before you experience feelings or emotions coming up or you may even experience them the next day. Individual experiences with essences will vary. Sometimes there may be strong reaction, a feeling or emotion. If this becomes too uncomfortable, reduce the number of drops of the essence you are taking or even just take one drop in the morning and one drop in the evening. You are always in control.

Essences help you to discover how a situation in your life has created your present circumstances. It is possible you may get a memory about something you had forgotten. Everyone is different in how they process so it is possible that you just get uncomfortable for a while and then it shifts. You may find that a circumstance or person that once irritated you doesn’t anymore. You may feel calmer and peaceful within after taking different essence formulas for a few months.

Although any essence may help to remove underlying imbalances and increase your wellbeing, they do not replace medical attention. If you have a concern of any kind you it is recommended that you ALWAYS see a qualified medical practitioner before taking the essence.

If you cannot use alcohol:
· Place some very hot water that has been boiled into a cup (a glass may shatter) and put the drops onto the water. The alcohol will evaporate within a few minutes.
Let the water cool before drinking it. You may still be able to taste the sugars from the alcohol in the water.

Your formula can be made with organic apple cider vinegar or organic glycerin (but there will be a very small amount of alcohol in the original stock essence)

Please keep your essences away from direct heat and sunlight. Protect your flower essences by storing them in a cool dry environment.

If your flowers have gone through a magnetic X-ray machine through airport and security checks you can charge them by rubbing the bottle with crushed sea salt. Also, give them a couple of firm taps with the palm of your hand with the intention to clear their energetic vibrations.

In addition if you buy essences you might like to try the following:
· Putting a drop on the pulse points (wrists, throat, neck, forehead, soles of the feet)
· Putting a few drops on your hands, rub them together and then sweep around the body, a few centimetres above the skin or clothes
· Rub a drop of essence between your palms and then cup your hands near your nose and breathe in the essence as it evaporates
· Put a few drops into an atomiser or sprayer containing water. Spray around the body or room
· Add a few drops to some massage oil
· Add drops to your bathwater