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Vibrational Essences for Established Practitioners

for Acupuncturists, Breathworkers, Hypnotherapists, Masseurs, Complementary Therapists, Reiki Practitioners, Life Coaches – in fact any type of coach

Flower essences are an effective support for clients to continue to use in between sessions. Essences complement your client’s wellness journey. However, the journey begins with you. You will experience an essence formula programme yourself. The essence help us to understand our life situations

If you use a modality which looks at the underlying issues to a presenting issue then this course is for you. It is essential that you are able to coach clients because when you become a practitioner you’ll be coaching clients in between sessions to discuss what they have been experiencing and the realisations which they have made.

Understand how plant essences:

  • are complementary to the client’s journey
  • have the power to transform
  • support not just your clients but also you

Not only is this course intended for you to integrate essences into your established practice but you need to completely understand how essences work. So in order to work effectively with a client it is essential that you personally experience essences for yourself. As a practitioners we often don’t take time to deal with our circumstances on an ongoing basis. Essences are a perfect complement to helping you continue to be clear not only between clients but when things come up for you. You’ll be able to make up monthly formulas for yourself.

This short course gives you an introduction to the world of plant vibrational remedies and once you go down the rabbithole you won’t turn back.

This is an introductory course in plant wisdom and the power of flowers and plants to heal. Plants have a unique vibrational energy pattern and hold positive unique qualities such as; feeling protection. Flower essences capture the energy imprint of the flower into water.

As a result of life events we develop patterns of energy imbalance and by using a particular essence we can make changes. When ingested they help align our vibrational energy pattern. The energy vibrations of the remedies work to correct the vibrations of our own energy patterns, thereby restoring our natural balance.


  • Demonstrated understanding of the properties and use of vibrational essences
  • Competently be able to determine which essences to include in a formula for a client
  • Actively listen to a client and take a course of action
  • Understand the underlying emotional triggers for physical ailments
  • Understand the Chakra system (energy centres) and how essences integrate into this
  • How Essences Work
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  • Power versus Force the Scale of Consciousness
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  • Energy Systems
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  • Chakras
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  • Client Needs Assessment
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  • Acute and Chronic Trauma
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Ciara is a Rebirther, Hypnotherapist, Essence Practitioner and Trainer.