In May of 2014 I slipped and fell in the kitchen area of the building I was leasing office space in, breaking my right hip and right shoulder. I spent a week in the hospital recuperating and learning to walk with my new hip and it also gave me a chance to spend quiet time thinking about what had happened.

I somehow thought that I would go through life with no broken bones, yet here I was with not one, but two! Wow! It was quite a shocker. I admit it shook me up and made me begin to question exactly why this had happened, since I’m one of those individuals who believe that everything happens for a reason, if we just ask for Guidance.

If you remember the movie Moonstruck? which won Cher an Academy Award, there is a scene in which Nicholas Cage, the brother of Cher’s fiancée, professes his love for her. She hauls off and slaps him in the face and says, “Snap out of it!” Well, that’s exactly what my slip and fall did for me – it caused me to snap out of the stupor I had been living in for the past few years due to the downturn in my business.

The U. S. mortgage crisis of 2008 dramatically and negatively affected my business, a mortgage training institute, causing me to pretty much withdraw from the world. I still went to work every day, but I was just going through the motions, completely shut down. The slip and fall was the only way Spirit could get through to me.

This incident made me resolve to get back into living my life to the fullest, meeting new people and getting re-involved in the spiritual community, and today I shake my head in wonder and joy at the incredible people who have come into my life who I now count as my friends. Life is good.

But there’s more! That slip and fall resulted in hospital bills of over $50,000 after my insurance paid their share, and the office building’s liability insurance company refused to pay any of those costs, forcing me to file a lawsuit. It took a year, but they finally settled, allowing me to pay off those medical bills.

With the extra funds remaining from the lawsuit, I went to a Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor to be checked out, as I just wasn’t feeling well. It turned out that I had early stage cancer. Since we all know that insurance won’t pay for it, I was able to use that extra money to pay for natural cancer treatments, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Once again, my slip and fall ended up being another blessing in disguise. A recent thermography scan shows that I am still cancer free!

Who would have thought that pain and suffering could actually be a good thing? Thank You, God!
Author: Kathy Lewis

Kathy Lewis is the founder and president of Capstone Institute of Mortgage Finance. With more than 30 years of experience, Kathy has built Capstone into the nation’s premier training institute for the mortgage banking and real estate industry.

A self-proclaimed “seeker of truth” for the past 25 years, Kathy credits much of her success to her knowledge and implementation of spiritual principles and values. With a desire and commitment to help others build successful careers and meaningful lives, she founded Capstone Spiritual Foundation in 2002. “My vision for the Foundation,” she says, “is to help people positively transform their lives through the understanding and practice of universal laws and principles.”

Author of more than 32 textbooks pertaining to all aspects of mortgage finance, Kathy’s book, It Is Done – Miracles Still Happen! provides a fascinating account of her own journey from healthy skepticism about universal law to powerful belief through practical application and results. “I don’t just believe in miracles,” she says, “I RELY on them.”

Kathy currently offers workshops which examine spiritual principles more in-depth, consulting services for businesses or individuals who want personalized assistance in creating a successful new or existing business, and may be hired for speaking engagements for organizations in need of dynamic motivational speakers.