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Experience a conscious connected breathing session with the optional added benefit of plant essences to support you on your journey


Coaching and evaluation of life circumstances and present situation to prescribe monthly essence formulas


Find out about Alchemical Hypnotherapy, because it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

Transformational experiences at energetic sites

Purification with Air

Experience how conscious connected breathing liberates your breathing mechanism and the effect of prana (chi) moving through your body. This breathing method is simply used as a technique to feel more refreshed, calm and relaxed.

You can go further and delve into uncovering your unconscious patterns. From the moment of conception, time in the womb, our birth, throughout infancy, into childhood, adolescence and adulthood, we are subjected to challenges which impact our current state of wellbeing.

For instance, any emotional wound that is left unresolved or untreated will show up somewhere else in your life so breathwork assists in safely moving through and transforming them. 

Purification with Earth

Essences are subtle and perfect for helping move through blockages in life. Each flower embodies it’s own unique positive quality. When we open ourselves to the beauty of flowers we awaken in us the same qualities that they embody. Essences are also a simple and effective way of bringing about change in your life. Through resolving old patterns and rekindling joie de vivre! shifting out of those areas where you may feel stuck.

Experience how the vibrational qualities of plant essences permeate through your body to assist shifting patterns which no longer serve you. The flower essence therapy is a lot more than taking a few drops during an emergency. You are prescribed formulas each month which are taken daily for a full month, the effects are long lasting and bring about realisations about your life’s situations.

Hummingbird Medicine

Hummingbird teaches us the medicinal properties of plants.

Can Pain and Suffering Actually be a Good Thing?

An accident led Kathy on a journey of discovery.

Free Sessions for Returned Veterans & for those impacted by Magdalene Laundries

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Enigmatic Egypt

Follow the resonant pyramid lines

Connect with Khajuraho

Don’t judge a book by its cover…

Cathar Country

Open your heart and your spirit in Cathar country.

Magical Iceland

Iceland is a calling… do you feel it?

Lago Atitan

Let your heart expand in Lake Atitlan

Healing Hills of County Clare

The healing hills of East Clare are not only beautiful but also have a wonderful energy.